Happy birthday, Krispy Kreme!

It’s Krispy Kreme’s 77th birthday! I’d never miss a chance to celebrate a birthday, especially the birthday of my favorite doughnut shop.

I have loved Krispy Kreme’s doughnuts since I was little. Watching the doughnuts krisp (lol- get it?) up on the conveyer belt always had me captivated. My favorite part was watching the freshly fried treats travel under the glaze waterfall… drooling! So this morning I had to get up bright and early to pick up a dozen doughnuts and get a dozen glazed doughnuts for 77 cents. I wanted to make sure I got there when the “Hot Doughnuts Now” sign was still on.

Picture from my instagram: @stephmusser

Picture from my instagram: @stephmusser

I’ll break down the dozen we ordered:

4 Chocolate Iced Glazed (my brother’s favorite)
1 Glazed Raspberry Filled (my mother’s favorite)
1 Maple Iced Glazed (my favorite)
1 Chocolate Iced Custard Filled (my dad’s favorite)
2 Glazed Chocolate Cake
1 Glazed Blueberry Cake
2 Birthday Cake Batter (limited time! Also, very delicious!)

Doughnuts and coffee on a sunshiney-turned-rainy morning is the perfect way to start the day in my book.

Happy birthday, Krispy Kreme! Here’s to many more!


x. Steph

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